It’s 25 years since their first record release. They have an amazing new EP coming out called RISE OF THE DAMNATION ARMY – UNITED WORLD REBELLION – Chapter Two”. Here’s the pre-order link btw

From watching rehearsal on the steps of a basement in Toms River, NJ, witnessing Ahmet Ertegun (founder of Atlantic Records) offering them their first record deal at a show I booked and promoted in Allentown PA (1987), and transitioning through three singers…these guys always make my music heart smile and remind me of why I started in this crazy business…more importantly, why I stay with it. They continually restore my faith that there are artists who are capable of remaining genuine through their successes to those who were there from the beginning and my will to continue to champion those who are. Mad love for Dave “Snake” Sabo and Rachel Bolan of Skid Row#truehumanbeings #truetalent #truemusicfamily



Johnny, you’ve come a long way from when I was your A&R Executive and  signed you and your band Vega 4 to your first record deal at Capitol Records in 2000. Remember our signing party at the top of the World Trade Center and then the crazy snow storm that happened as we all walked through NYC?

Sending you lots of well wishes and love on your recent engagement to Courteney Cox. Best wishes for long lived happiness and continued success on your career :-)



(Vega 4  on top of the World Trade Center December 2000 – Bruce Gainsford, Johnny McDaid, Simon Walker and Bryan McLellan with Eric Eger, Holly Hutchison and Safta Jaffery)