Veteran A&R Music Executive Holly Hutchison announces that BETA from Mexico has officially come on board at the launch of her new label #ILSISTEMA. This is their debut signing in the United States. More information on their recent recording with Grammy Producer Milo Froideval of their forthcoming release to be announced. #BETAMEXICO #LEGACYBANDINMAKING #ROCK #PRESSANNOUNCMENTCOMING

beta partnershipBETA one sheet Jan 20 2015




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#TBT – Thank you to a very dear friend for making this an incredible reality.

When I was a VERY young girl (about 8 years old), I would bug my stepfather
like crazy to be able to play his Beatles vinyl. He finally broke down and let me
have access to them as long as “I held them properly and didn’t smudge them.”
I remember playing one album in particular over & over at that time Meet The Beatles.

I received an out of the blue call while in at my NYC office and invited to the
studio where MEET THE BEATLES was secretly being mastered for an upcoming
special release. I was able to take the master tape reel out and hold it. I was told
maybe only 6 others in my lifetime had ever touched the reel….not even
the Beatles themselves had ever held it. #priceless #lovethestudio #favoriteplace

Here I am with one reel in the box on my lap circa 2004

Meet the Beatles